Area NO. 1 Outdoor Club

A Membership nonProfit Organization

Approved Towables

This is the most recent list of approved towables.

Ski Chariot by SportsStuff

Extreme Chariot 120cm by SportsStuff

Liberty Duo by SportsStuff

Doable SlalomSolo by SportsStuff

Rave Hydro

Rave Hydro Mark II

Wakeslayer by Obrien

Rip II by Airhead

Slash II by Airhead

Doable Slalom Jockey by SportsStuff

Airhead Live Wire

WOW Bingo

WOW Flash

XPS Phazer 2

XPS Cosmic

OBrien Spoiler

SportStuff Chariot Warbird

Airhead Throne

Wow Sports Go Go

Wow Sports Big Bubba

Airhead Patriot