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Fishings Good

Swim Class


Swim Class-- Lifeguards and Swimmers.  To see more pictures go to Photo Album and
click on 2016 Swim Lesson Album.  Will be adding more pics as I get them

Vehicle Registration

Gate access cards have been deactivated for members that have not sent in their vehicle registration. To have your access cards activated mail copy of registration to Club address or e-mail copy to You can also call Ted Joyce and get fax number for club office.

(According to the by-law Article IV Section 1 (p) – All membership decals must be displayed by June 1st.  If decals are not properly displayed, there will be a $25.00 fine. If you have not provided a c…

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New Members

The Board would like to welcome 2 new members, Amanda Burton and Gina Morgan.

Key Cards

For the last 2 months we have had problems with the gate not recognizing key cards.
A new control system was installed last week which alleviated that problem. If you are having any problems with key cards please call me.
Jim T.

2016 Raffle Winners

1st Prize  Richard Sohan   $1000.00
2nd Prize  Scott Stickel     $500.00
3rd Prize  Arielle Piper      $250.00
4th Prize  John Plese         $100.00
5th Prize  John Tryner       $100.00
6th Prize  Julie Dashbach  $50.00

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Wood from Club

Any member wanting to cut wood from club please call Jerry Cole or Jim Togliatti for permission. Any member cutting wood without board approval will be brought before board.

Illinois Boating Regulations

Remember, youngsters 13 and under are required by Illinois Boating Regulations to wear a proper sized and rated USCG approved life vest for the intended user. Please check Illinois boating regulations for proper type & lifejacket rating required when on a boat that is under way.
- We highly recommend taking a boating safety course and passing you may receive a discount on insurance.

Membership Decals

Starting June 1st any member that does not have club decal displayed in front window of their vehicle will be fined $25.00. If You have guest in club with a vehicle please have them display your key number in their front window.

Guest Cards are in metal box by guard shack door.

All Boats must have key number displayed on them by June 1st or they will be locked out and a $25 fine will be charged.

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