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Great job Ariella

Big thank you to all the volunteers who helped Arielle Piper with the tree planting at the club. I didn't get all the names so if your name is not here please call me so I can add your name.

Mary and Michael Piper, Kyle and Ben Stickle, Kathryn Kinnett, Barbara Peters.

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Planting Trees

We are planting trees today at 3:30 pm April 25th at club.. Anyone having time to come and help would be greatly appreciated. 


Jerry Cole's Obituary


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Cleanup Day has been Cancelled.

Due to unforeseen incident at club, cleanup day has been cancelled..  We will schedule a new date in near future. 

New Constitution and By-Law Book.

There is a Link to the new Constitution and By-Law Book on the Members page. All members will receive a copy with their new stickers and membership cards.

Cleanup Day April 23rd

Clean Up Day Jobs Please comment below to say where you would like to work and what you can bring to help. 1. Plant trees 2. Powerwash playground equipment 3. Paint playground equipment 4. Shower house work 5. Ski beach kids area cleaned up 6. General stick pick up 7. Cutting down marked trees--with a board member 8. Miscellanious

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