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Fishing Dock

Thanks to all the members that donated money to buy the pontoon boat we are going to use for a permanent  fishing dock.

Perry Helton, Marvin Hank, Fred Lang, Jennifer McCure, Bernice Richards, Jillian Offerman,  Sandy Clayton, Kristen Capista, Bill Draino, Pamela Kammann, Shawn Davis, Phil McLuckie, Scott Christian, Don Clavey, Gary Leslie, and Lisa Brewer. If I forgot anyone or spelled your name wrong please let me know so I can correct it.

We are hoping to have it in the water within a…

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Looking for remote camp site.

Thank You

The Board would like to thank Ron and Pat Leslie, Gary Leslie, Bob Gibson,  Jack Bajt, Paul Nicoletti, Bill Draino, Matt and Perry Helton and all the members that have been helping with the assembly and painting of new picnic tables and the cutting and removal of  trees from the camp ground and picnic area. We would also like to thank Mary Piper for work around the beach house and Krysti Nicoletti for the work by entrance to camp ground.

If I forgot anybody I am sorry, your help is greatly …

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Access Card Turn off.

Any Member that has not paid their late dues fine or sent in their vehicle registration by June 28th will have their club access card turned off. 

2017 Raffle Winners

2017 Fishing Derby Raffle Winners


1st Prize $1000 Cash Prize          Burgundy Johnson C-98

2nd Prize $500 Cash Prize           John Latz L-71

3rd Prize $250 Cash Prize            Terry Lohmar L-03

4th Prize $100 Cash Prize            Tom Frankovich F-40

5th Prize $100 Cash Prize            Alexandra Piper P-64

6th Prize $50 Cash Prize              Pamela Helton H-64

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6/15/17  6 3/4 lbs.  Pit One

Guest Vehicle Form

On our Main Page I added a link to print The Guest Vehicle Form If you would like to print before bringing guest vehicle to the Club.

Camping By-Law that is in affect this camping season.

By law Changes Camping August 2013

Article IV Section 3, Subsection (i)
All campers must be in attendance for a cumulative time of 24 hours from Sunday through Saturday.  Time can be broken in any manner as long as it adds up to 24 hours for that week.  Camping units must be moved every 21 days during camping season which is from end of Memorial Day through end of Labor Day.  The gate log will be used to determine if anyone is in violation.  You must swipe your card when entering or leaving.…

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Fish Limit sign back up.

Thanks Perry,Bill and Paul.

List of approved towables allowed at ski beach

A list of approved towables allowed a Ski Beach has been added to the Outdoor Safety Page.

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