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Hare and Bone lakes.

Please keep vehicles outside of marked off area by Bone and Hare Lakes. We are going to seed sometime this week. If anybody has time to clean this area of rocks and twigs it would be greatly appreciated.

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Added New Link

On Main Menu I added a link to Special Meeting Page, please read.

Boy Scout Outing.

September 30th rifle will be closed from 10 am to 2 pm and archery range will be closed from 2 pm to 4 pm. 

New Event. Mark your calendar.

Thanks Diana, and family.

Thanks Jack and Perry.

Theses 2 guys don't know when to quit....

Beautiful morning at club. Thanks Diana...

Work on Bone and Hare Lakes

Big thanks to all volunteers that are helping with work being done at Hare and Bone lake.

Perry, Mat, Brandon Helton, Gary and Ron Leslie, Mike Cerny, Scott Christen, Jake Vestal,  Kevin Davis, Steve Davis,Pam Davis, Cynthia Davis, Fred Lang and guest, and Jack Bajt. If I forgot anyone please let me so I can add to list.
We can still use some help so if you have time and would like to help please let me or Perry know or leave a comment in comment section be…

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The work continues.

09/01/17 7 1/2 lbs caught by maint. shed

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