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How to Clean Fish At The Campground

  1. Campground critters (raccoons, skunks, crows, etc.) are attracted to the smell of fish and they will make a mess of your campsite trying to find the fish that you've already eaten.
  2. Flies, mosquitos, and other bugs are attracted to any bits of fish, and they too are unwelcome guests.
  3. It's unsanitary, because there aren't adequate means to clean up the mess. Use designated fish cleaning stations or clean fish while still at the lake, away from the campsite.
  4. It's inconsiderate of your fellow campers. Besides the unpleasant smell, the pests and bugs it attracts will invade neighboring campsites too.


  1. Be sure your filet knife is very sharp, and bring a bottle of fresh water to rinse the filets and a covered container to hold the cleaned fish.
  2. Discard any fish remains in appropriate containers.
  3. Hose down the area where you cleaned the fish, or use a bucket to gather water from the lake and rinse the area. Please don't leave the fish guts laying around.