Area NO. 1 Outdoor Club

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How to Leave No Trace

  1. Pack it in, pack it out. Never litter. In fact, always pack a small plastic garbage bag to use for trash that may be around the campsite.
  2. In the backcountry dump gray water (dirty dishwater) 200 feet away from any fresh water sources and if you must use soap, use biodegradable soap. In campgrounds use designated areas for dumping gray water.
  3. Dump ashes from the grill in the campfire ring or dump them in a bag and put the bag in the campground dumpster. Be sure all fires all out before departing camp.
  4. In the backwoods, dig a hole at least six inches deep for disposal of human waste.
  5. Stay on designated trails when hiking and backpacking.
  6. Camp only in designated areas to avoid impacting the local flora.
  7. Take only photos, and leave only footprints. Resist the temptation to take souvenirs.
  8. Respect all wildlife. Do not feed the animals and observe them from a safe distance.
  9. Properly store all food to protect it from animals.
  10. Take one last walk around your campsite and collect any trash before leaving.


  1. Teach these basic outdoor ethics to your kids. Nature will repay your for your kindness.