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How to Make Enemies at the Campground

There are some inconsiderate people in this world, and you're more than likely to run into them at the campground too. Want to know how to identify them?

  1. They arrive at the campground after quiet hours and leave their car running so they can use the headlights to see to put up their tent.
  2. They bring kids and/or dogs that run loose through the campsites.
  3. They leave food out which attracts raccoons, crows, or other pests that get into everything and make a mess.
  4. They use the electric outlet in the restroom to make their coffee.
  5. They stay up past the quiet hour and make too much noise.
  6. They run their RV generator all night.
  7. They leave trash at the campsite.
  8. They think the showers are also for doing their laundry.
  9. They take the firewood you've brought or gathered.
  10. They build a bonfire that sends sparks flying on top of neighbors' tents.
  11. They tie up the water supply with a hose, so they can fill their RV tank.
  12. They wash their dishes at the drinking water fountain.


  1. Be courteous and considerate to fellow campers!
  2. Always abide by any posted campground rules.
  3. Please leave your campsite clean.