Area NO. 1 Outdoor Club

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Roads open

All roads are open at club. There is a tree down on Pitt One Road but will be removed tomorrow.

Entrance Gate.

Automatic entrance gate is down, please use magnetic gate until further notice.
Thank You.

Deer Stands

Due to road conditions at club deer stands do not have to be removed until April 1st.

Club Roads being closed.

Due to the melting snow we are shutting down Pit One road and High Line road.

Grass Burn

There will be a grass burn after Feb. 15th south of spillway.  This is to get a good look at the land grade.

Bow Hunters Reminder

All stands must be removed by Feb. 15th.  If anyone knows of any old stands call me, Ken Mack. 815-634-2633. Please leave message.

Thank you

Ken Mack


Beach Hours.

Fishing Derby

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control we will be canceling the kids fishing derby this year.

Hare and Bone lakes will now be open for fishing until March 1st 2021. Hope everyone stays safe in these trying times and hope to see everyone back at the derby on Father's Day next year.


Deer limit 1 doe and 1 buck or 2 does.

Squirrels  Aug 1st - Sept. 30th Jan. 18th- Feb. 15th

Dove hunting south of Pit 1

Coyote per state regulations 6mm or under  end March 1st

Fall and spring turkey bow only

Deer stand can be put up Aug. 1st.

Campers bathroom and dump station

Sorry for inconvenience but campers bathroom and camper dump station is closed until Tuesday. People will be out to club to pump out septic tank Monday. 

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